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Three Dining Solution Centers

1.Three Dining Solution Centers were set up provide multiple services including R&D, dish creation, tasting and training.

2.Equipped with multiple function teams, including a team of professional sales, a team of chefs with 15+ years of experience, and a team of food engineers with 6+ years of experience. 

3.Provide standardized kitchen, R&D facilities and experienced chefs for customer service. 


R&D Strength

1.20 years of experience in R&D of compound condiments.

2.cuisine development team composed of nearly 40 professionals.

3.Over 800 new products launched each year ,over 3,000 SKUin the product pool.

4.Experienced in serving hundreds of well-known catering chain brands with 10,000+ catering stores.

5.Products are exported to nearly 30 countries and regionsExpert in the import regulations of many countries.


Chef Teams

1.8 Chefs with over 15 years of experience.

2.Focus on the development of flavor, seasoning, light food, etc.

3.Master various cooking skills of different cuisines, such as Eight Cuisines in China, and Japanese, South-Korean, Southeast Asian, European and American cuisines.

4.Chef team have deep understanding of the needs of catering customers, cuisine background and cooking techniques, as well as a strong market sense to perceive and grasp the trend of catering business.


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